About Us

Annette and Kevin Young are a mother and son team that have let chocolate and pastry take over their lives. They let their passion drive them to make something they are proud to serve.

Annette has been making chocolate and pastry for over twenty five years. She started in a small out-of-home business making chocolates for the holidays, when the demand became more than she could handle at home, she opened a store in downtown Squamish. She ran that store upholding the finest quality of products for eight years. She sold the store and moved onto new experiences, but now after fourteen years she is ready to jump back in. With a new set of skills and ideas she is excited to create something truly unique for the people of Squamish. Annette will be heading up the baking in store, with ideas acquired from her time in France and Italy. She could not be happier about opening a store in a place as beautiful as Squamish.

Kevin was raised in a chocolate shop. Even after Annette sold her shop, she continued to teach Kevin. Over the years Kevin has discovered an immense passion for chocolate. This passion has driven him to make chocolate at every opportunity. He has used the knowledge Annette, and the instructors at The Pastry Training Center of Vancouver, have given him to bring something new to Squamish. Kevin is hoping to bring a fresh take on chocolate, using influences from Europe. Squamish is a stunning place to live and work, Kevin is very excited to be a part of the community.