Our Process

At Xoco we start with the finest ingredients to craft something beautiful. We make everything we can in-store. We want to know exactly what we give to our customers – whether it’s Agassiz hazelnuts that we caramelize and turn into praline cream in our melangeur or pears that we roast and puree for pear ganache. We believe it’s simple, pure ingredients that come together to make something extraordinary. Indulge, take the opportunity to create a moment, a memory, time to stop and enjoy something beautiful.

Valrhona chocolate is something we take great pride in using. In our opinion, it is the finest chocolate on the market, with flavor notes to fit any ingredient. It truly makes for a remarkable experience. Chocolate is a complex ingredient, which takes great care to bring out the best it can be. It is our passion to do so.

The process of tempering or pre-crystallization sets the chocolate up so it is perfect for you to eat. Our tempering machines keep the chocolate at the correct temperature to work with. It is when making a ganache that the true skill of a chocolatier comes to life; a ganache is a mixture of chocolate, honey, cream or butter, and whatever flavoring ingredients you can think of. To make a ganache with rich and smooth consistency, it must be worked on marble. This process not only brings the chocolate to the right temperature, but more importantly, it brings out a beautiful rich flavour and texture that is absolutely perfect for eating.

It is our goal to create something we are proud to share with you, and something you are proud to share with those you love.